Monday, September 29, 2008

Emilio Morandi, Bergamo, ITALY

Thanks Emilio for this incredible collection.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sandra Wiles, Phoenix, AZ, USA

Thanks Sandra . . . now part of the MM3 collection.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

OPENING NIGHT Mailmania 3 - the Preview Show at Studio J

Many Thanks to ALL the artists that have participated in the Mailmania 3 showing. When the show opened there were a total of 191 artists representing 28 countries! The Preview show opened on Thursday the 18th at Studio J with a great response from the attendees. The Public viewing will happen in January at the Vancouver Island School of Art.

Moreno Menarin, Venice, ITALY

Series of Imagine Peace Add and Pass works sent by Mereno Menarin.

Jonathan D.Johnson, Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Thanks Jonathan . .I'm guessing due to the smaller than regulation size that this one ended up in such an envelope.

Gina Bartlett, St. John's Newfoundland,CANADA

Thanks Gina, great to hear from you!

Champe Smith, Brooklyn, NY, USA

The fold out piece is exquisite . . How I love your sensibility to design.

David Berube, New York, NY, USA

Thanks David . . arrived just in time!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

WackyStuff, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Too much time . . .and distance it seems . . . he was hiding in one of the files . . .
Thanks Wacky!
Thank you Jeffrey, Jesus et al.

Great envelope piece you have created here . . .Interesting how things come in waves of styles . . this week and abundance of envelopes works.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brad Pasutti, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Thanks Brad . . for this very interesting work . . . with directions for assembly.

Check out Brad's work at: Brad Pasutti

Joanne Circle, Duncan, BC, CANADA

Wonderful portrait piece with stitching and layering on mylar . . Thanks Joanne.

Terry Reid, Surry Hills, AUSTRALIA

Interesting array of post marks from 2003! Thanks not_Terry.

Tami Lannom, Oiedo, FL, USA

The first from the state of Florida . . thanks Tami.

State of Being-Reid Wood, Oberlin, OH, USA

Thanks reid . . check out more about Reid at: MAIL ARTIST BIOGRAPHIES

Bruno Capatti, Medicina, Bologna, ITALY

Thanks Bruno . .
See more from Bruno at: Capatti

Gail D. Whitter, Trail, BC, CANADA

Thanks Gail . . Love the IAP stamp!

Jason Berlin, Kelso, WA, USA

Several ATC's on acetate overlays . . Thanks Jason.

Adem Spiller, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Several from Adem's photo reworkings. Thanks.

Alanna Wood, Sechelt, BC, CANADA

Always a delight getting your mail. Thanks Alanna.

Mailmania 3 on Youtube