Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Laurie Ljubojevic, Victoria, BC, CANADA

Incredible textured envelope from Laurie . . recently collected an ATC from her in this style. Thanks for being part of MM3. Perhaps I'll get to see you at the ATC booth at the Moss Street Paint In.

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Laurie Ljubojevic said...

After I finished dotting both sides of this dotted envelope I went to my local beach and gathered grey sand to put inside. I put the sand in the envelope and sealed it. I considered my dotting to be a sort of language and wanted to say something to Dale and the Mailmania 3 audience. The sand spoke when the envelope was rattled. In addition to this sound element to the piece the sand aesthetically bridged the tone of the black paint and white paper.
That said, there was a small hole in the envelope which caused a trail of said to escape from the envelope. Hence, when the envelope was installed in the exhibition no more sand was to be seen inside. The trail of sand has traveled somewhere between my studio and the gallery.

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